Solomon Kim

Solomon Kim


KFF is a very people and relationship oriented franchise.

We believe that in order to operate a successful business, establishing long lasting relationships with the people around us is the first step.

Mission Statement

Well organized franchising system
The goal of our organization is to provide greater convenience for GTA’s diversified communities through strongly emphasizing on merchandising, customer services, store operations procedures, training/development, and product selection and pricing

Supports for store-owner
Our success is solely built upon those who are result oriented, entrepreneurs at heart, and able to provide a pleasant and caring relationship with their customers.

Cooperating connection with suppliers
KFF is also determined to work cooperatively with all of our suppliers to maximize the value and experience that we deliver to our customers through understanding their needs and fulfilling their demands.

Our vision

is to become a franchise that serves different communities at their convenience. Our relationship oriented and people-driven corporate culture has earned us a prominent reputation in the GTA convenience store industry and resulted in solid advances for our business.